Himalaya Herbals

Himalaya Herbals - A pioneer of Herbal formulations
Himalaya is a well known Indian Ayurvedic product manufacturing brand that has been serving its customers for over 81 years offering them a healthy life. The unit manufactures 100% herbal and effective range of products that are made of rare herbs straight from the foothills of the Himalayas. Along with novelty, himalaya herbals promises to cater its customers with highly efficient herbal medicines and lifestyle products.

You can find several first-rate himalaya skin care products for various skin issues along with many other top-notch products like Himalaya PureHands Hand Sanitizer, Himalaya Men Power Glow Licorice Face Wash, Himalaya Triphala Syrup, Himalaya Tulasi Syrup and many other products at Wellforte.com. Bringing the best benefits of the oldest medicine system, Ayurveda, to the doorsteps of everyone; himalaya medicine and other himalaya products have found a special niche in every home today. All the product lines of the brand are created after a thorough research and every product goes through several quality testing procedures.

The Himalaya Group was founded by Mr. M. Manal with the mission to blend the goodness of nature with the excellence of modern medical science. Himalaya Group is pretty expanded and it is standing tall for 81 years catering to the customer’s everyday health and beauty requirements efficiently with its exclusive pure herbal product ranges. The brand makes the grade as per the pharmaceutical standards in every possible way. Honesty and the consistency in superior quality of its products have sustained Himalaya’s reputation for ages. From finding the inception of its most cherished product, LIV 52 to launching baby care and pet care products; himalaya has come a long way. The soaring success of himalaya herbal healthcare is not only limited to the national territories but also has proved its excellence in overseas. 

Himalaya cares for its loyal customers by offering various product categories like pharmaceuticals, nutrition products, himalaya baby products, animal health products, personal care products and wellness products. Now you can easily find the himalaya products online. Wellforte presents a substantial collection of himalaya herbal products for purchasing at a single place. Now you can explore various product lines from Himalaya at Wellforte’s online store and purchase them handily at genuine price. Himalya Herbals products will be delivered home by WellForte.com.