Sensodyne Fresh Gel Toothpaste 40gm Tube

Sensodyne Fresh Gel Toothpaste 40gm Tube

Size: 40.00 gm

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World's No. 1 Sensitive Toothpaste, Recommended by dentists worldwide.

Varients: Sensodyne and Sensodyne Rapid Relief.

Post sensitivity treatment, can be used for regular brushing of teeth.

Flavors: Fresh Mint and Fresh Gel

Use Sensodyne toothpaste daily as your regular toothpaste. Brush thoroghly twice a day or as directed by a physician. Children udner 12 years of age should only use under a dentist advice.

Persisting sensitive teeth indicates and underlying dental problem; consult your dentist in such cases.

Warning: Do not swallow.

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