Philips Multigroom Grooming Kit QG3250/32

Philips Multigroom Grooming Kit QG3250/32

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Philips Multigroom Grooming kit

Complete men's styling.

With improved precision and skin friendly trimmer.

Multigroom for Complete men’s styling with superior performance and skin friendly
trimmer, Designed to create any style you want with excellent precision, giving you that
sense of pride of a perfect end result.

Best performance that feels great

  • Rechargeable cordless
  • Sharper edges for improved cutting performance
  • Rounded Guard is more gentle and glides better on the skin

Brings maximum ease of use

  • Washable attachments

Create the look you want

  • Beard and moustache comb locks into 9 settings
  • Hair clipper comb locks into 9 settings
  • Full size trimmer for beard and head hair
  • Mini shaver for finishing edges with a close result
  • Nose, ear and eyebrow trimmer
  • Precision detail trimmer to create and maintain your lines


  • 9 position (length settings) beard and moustache comb to trim your facial hair exactly how you want.
  • 9 position hair clipper comb to keep your hair neat and styled.
  • 10-hour charge for up to 35 minutes of cordless operation.
  • Full size trimmer - Using the full size trimmer without a comb results in a stubble beard look.
  • Mini shaver - To finish your beard style enjoy the use of the mini shaver which finishes edges with close result.



Ease of use

  • Wet & Dry: Washable attachments

Power system

  • Battery type: NiMH
  • Charging time: 10 hours
  • Running time: 35 minutes
  • Usage: Cordless only
  • Worldwide voltage: 100-240 V


  • Charging stand
  • Storage pouch

Create the look you want

  • Styling tools: 9 position hair clipper comb, Beard and moustache comb
  • Number of length settings: 9 secured length settings


  • Full size trimmer blade: 32 mm
  • Mini shaver
  • Precision trimmer: 21 mm
  • Nose, ear and eyebrow trimmer


  • Guarantee: 2-year worldwide guarantee
  • Lubrication: Blades need no oiling


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