Dermadew Lite Soap

Dermadew Lite Soap

Size: 75.00 Gm

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Dermadew Lite Soap.

Dermadew Lite Soap contains vegitable oils with gentle sulphosuccinate base cleanser combined with skin lightening activities of natural orgin and fortified with emollients, moisturisers and skin nouirsher.

Dermadew Lite Soap gives smooth, soft, supple and refresh use.

Dermadew Lite Soap as adjuvant along with skin lightening medications.

Dermadew Lite Soap contains ingredients like Palm & coconut oil, soap noodles with sulphosuccinate base, Hypoxis Rooperi Extract, Mashroom Extract, Pea Extract

Dermadew Lite Soap Contains Net Weight of 75gm.

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