No skurf Lotion 100 ml - Curatio

No skurf Lotion 100 ml - Curatio

Size: 100.00 ML

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No skurf Lotion.

No Skurf Lotion is an excellent formula to eradicate dandruff. It can be applied at night and cleaned with a gentle cleanser in the next morning. It is used as a leave-on lotion which in return provides incredible shine to the hair. This spectacular lotion helps you to get rid of the ugly snowy flakes. It protects your scalp from itching and scaling. It is clinically tested and declared as safe with natural behavior on the scalp. Also, it prevents hair loss and removes dandruff.

It prevents the reappearance of dandruff, having a long lasting effect. The inflammation is prevented, which ultimately reduces the itching and scaling.

Make the hair free from dandruff with continuous use of No Skurf Lotion.

No skurf Lotion Contains Quantity of 100 ml.

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