VLCC Kajal 2.5 gm

VLCC Kajal 2.5 gm

Size: 2.50 gm

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VLCC Kajal

VLCC Kajal is enriched with the goodness of natural products like camphor, triphala and almond oil which is absolutely smudged free, smooth, dark and black that helps in preventing any kind of inflammatory condition, also inhibits microbial growth thus protecting against virus, bacteria and fungi.

  • It is good for the eyes and improves the eyesight
  • Makes your eyes appear bigger, brighter and more defined
  • Nourishes and relaxes your eyes
  • It is chemical free and natural

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VLCC Kajal contains Net Weight of 2.5 gm.

Hold kajal against the side of your nose and angle it until it points to the end of your eyebrow—this is the line at 45 degree angle on your upper eye lid . Make a small dot with kajal and draw a perfectly straight line till edge of the upper lid. Draw a similar straight line joining the inner edge of upper lid to this dot. Fill in the triangle for trendy fashion fever look.

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