Kajal, Indian name for an eye liner, is the most famous make up item. Eye make up with kajal has been very famous with Indian women. Kajal for eyes was made with traditional products in good old days. However with the new technology in creating beauty products we have Kajal or eyeliner in various forms and made with various raw materials. 

At wellforte, we have best kajal from all multinational companies - Lakme eyeconic Kajal, Colossal kajal, Revlon kajal, etc. Of late we see a rise in the number of herbal or ayurvedic kajal from various companies. Key examples of this are: himalaya kajal, lotus kajal, patanjali kajal, etc.

How do you identify the best Kajal for eyes?

Since Kajal is in close contact with eyes which are quite sensitive, it is essential that you first get a feedback from your friends who may be using Kajal eyeliner. The best Kajal should not smudge areas near your eyes, should not cause irritation and should be free from harmful chemicals.

In addition ensure kajal in eyes does not touch inside parts of your eyes.