Nivea Cool Kick Deodarant for Men

Nivea Cool Kick Deodarant for Men

Size: 150.00 ml
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Nivea Cool Kick Deodarant for Men.

Get a cool kick of invigorating freshness combined with an ultra refreshing masculine fragrance.

NIVEA for Men Cool Kick Deodorant instantly offers a great feeling of vitalizing freshness while it protects you reliably all day long.
The mild Cool-Care formula vitalizes the body pleasantly and regulates transpiration effectively.

Availabe in Spray and Roll on.

Nivea Cool Kick Deodarant for Men.

1. Spray directly on underarm skin.
2. Hold the can 15cm away from the underarm.
3. Do not spray on clothes.
4. Do not spray on broken or irritated skin.
5. Allow product to dry completely.

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