Kamasutra Honeymoon Surprise Pack

Kamasutra Honeymoon Surprise Pack

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Kamasutra Honeymoon Surprise Pack - For a memorable Honeymoon!!!

You can feel you are on honeymoon at any time during your intimate moments!

Enhance the pleasure of your intimacy with this honeymoon pack from Kamasutra. This contains an intensely passionate assortment of exciting condoms, erotic gifts, games and some surprising extras.

KS Honeymoon surprise pack contents are neatly packed in a box and also can be given as Gifts.

Kamasutra condoms are lubricated, electronically tested and made from natural rubber latex.

Contents of Kamasutra Honeymoon Surprise pack:

  • Kamasutra Dotted condoms-3
  • Kamasutra Ribbed Condoms-3
  • Kamasutra LongLast condoms-3
  • Kamasutra Intensity Condoms-3
  • Kamasutra Superthin Condoms-3
  • Kamasutra Surprise Condoms-6
  • Kamasutra Wet n Wild Condoms-3
  • Kamasutra Pleasure Points-1
  • Kamasutra Hot Dots-1
  • Kamasutra Product Detailer-1
  • KS Disposable bags-24
  • KS Love Dice Game-1
  • KS Key Chain-1
  • KS Feather Teaser-1
  • KS Satin Blindfold-1
  • KS Scented Gel Candle-1

Store Kamasutra condoms in cool dry place away from heat and light.

Condoms are for single use only.

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