Sexual Wellness


Condoms are popularly used for preventing pregnancy and birth control. Male condoms are the most used ones, even though there are some varieties of female condoms as well. Condoms started off for preventing unwanted pregnancy, but are now widely used as pleasure tools as well. Condoms are also important for preventing sexually transmitted diseases.

Condoms are mostly made from natural latex rubber. However, some condoms are also made from synthetic materials like Polyurethane. Both materials have their advantages and disadvantages. However natural latex based condoms seem to be preferred options.

Popular condoms brands are Moods, Durex, and KamaSutra (KS). These condoms are also available in varying flavours. Moods condoms are manufactured by Hindustan Latex Limited. Durex condoms are from Reckitt & Benkiser. Kamasutra Condoms are from JK Ansell.

All condoms are available in various textures - ribbed condoms, ultrathin condoms, dotted condoms, superthin condoms, etc. Kamasutra Long last condoms, Moods All night condoms, and similar ones have a special stimulant or lubricant to extend the lovemaking.

Condoms can cause allergies in some people caused by Latex or other ingredients. Consult a doctor in case of severe allergies.