Vissco Cervical Collar with Chin Support

Vissco Cervical Collar with Chin Support

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Vissco Cervical Collar with Chin Support.

Designed to provide comfortable immobilization without the harsh uncomfortable firmness. Made from high density polyurethane foam, bonded wiht plastic moulded support and exterior covered with soft cotton knitted fabric. Air vents provided to permit to air flow to avoid irritations and discomfort. Scientifically designed for providing immobilization and rehabilitation for patients suffering from cervical spondylosis.

The contour of the collar is anatomically designed to provide the correct posture and support. The thickness and density of the foam will not permit the collar to lose the shape and will remain in the same dimensions even after prolonged usage.

The cotton knitted outer fabric absorbs perspiration anf provides cool and comfortable support.

The hook and loop fasterners provide ease of fitting and adjustability.

Available in large size.

Vissco Cervical support is available in large size.

This is suitable for Neck circumference of 46 cms and height of 10 cms.

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