Flamingo Heating Pad Mini

Flamingo Heating Pad Mini

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Flamingo Heating Belt
Flamingo Orthopaedic Heat Belt is ideally used to treat the problems of backaches, sprain, muscular & joint pains, abscesses and women related pains, only under the guidance of Gynecologist.

Flamingo heating pad with 4 layers of insulation on either side and its Velcro strap-on belt. The strap-on belt with Velcro makes it easy for the users to adjust it as per their body size.

Orthopaedic Heat Belt ensures complete comfort and safety of the user.

Flamingo Heat Belt has an in-built twin thermostat for 100% safety. It also has an ultra soft washable cotton cover.

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Flamingo Heat Belt
Mini  - 24 cm X 18.5 cm (9.5 X 7.25 inches)

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