Diabetes Care

Diabetes care in the convenience of your home!

Measuring blood glucose levels for people with Diabetes has become very easy these days with the advent of many simple Glucose meters for the same.

For people who have high sugar levels, it may be required to check their blood sugar levels frequently. Blood glucose meters make it easy to check blood sugar levels  from the comfort of your homes. All you need is a good quality lancing device, lancets, the Glucometer and the strips.

It is safer to ensure the fingers of your hand are clean before you prick with the lancets, to avoid possibility of any infection. Dispose off used strips safely and not litter them. Do not use lancets multiple times; blunt lancets may cause more harm and pain.

If it is a simple meter, make a record of your sugar levels whenever you measure them. However, you may use some advanced meters that  keep the record of your measurements.

The blood glucose testing meters have made Diabetes management simple; but always seek a Doctors opinion before any activity to keep yourself safe. Do not interpret the blood sugar levels yourself; it is safer to take advice of Doctors and diabetes specialists.

Key brands of Blood glucose montiors are:

  • One Touch select simple from Johnson & Johnson.
  • Accu Check Blood Glucose monitor.
  • True Result glucose monitor
  • Optium Freestyle glucose monitor

Each of them have an adequate supply of Lancets, lancing devices and test strips for convenient usage.