Moov Pain Relief Cream  50gm

Moov Pain Relief Cream 50gm

Size: 50.00 gm

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Moov Pain Relief Cream - 50gm.

Quick action pain relief due to its deep penetration formula.

Moov Pain Relief Cream is a specialised ayurvedic pain relief topical ointment that relieves pain and inflammation in lower backache, upper back pain, spondylosis, arthritis, muscular strain, joint mobility, swollen tendon, muscule sprains, sports injury, knee pain, fibrositis and general body pain and aches caused due to stress, fatigue and strain. 

Moov Cream is made from wintergreen oil, pudina ke phool (mint leaves), tarpin ka tel and eucalyptus oil which are all beneficial in providing instant pain relieving action.

Moov Pain Relief Cream Contains Net Weight Of 50gm.

For external topical application use only.

Do not apply on skin cuts, open wounds, eyes, ears, nose or mouth.

Keep away from children.

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