Amrutanjan Aromatic Pain Balm 35 ml

Amrutanjan Aromatic Pain Balm 35 ml

Size: 35.00 ml

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Amrutanjan Aromatic Pain Balm

Amrutanjan Aromatic balm enriched with ten active ingredients, which provide relief from headaches and cold related body pains.

  • It is the classic headache remedy
  • It has a soothing aroma
  • Acts as a relaxant for your day-to-day stress

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Amrutanjan Aromatic Pain Balm Contains Quantity of 35 ml.

Gentle massage of Aromatic balm on forehead is the classic remedy for headache. If you want a good night’s sleep gently apply Aromatic balm on forehead and have a peaceful sleep. Always keep it at your arm’s length to keep nagging headache away.

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