SevenSeas Original Cod liver Oil Capsules 500 capsules

SevenSeas Original Cod liver Oil Capsules 500 capsules

Size: 500.00 Tablets

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SevenSeas Original Cod Liver Oil Capsules.

Cod liver oil is the most used fish oil as dietary supplements. Calcium, vitamins A & D are abundantly available in fish.

Seven Seas Cod liver oil from Merck has captured the essential elements of cod lvier oil in its capsules, with the richness of Vitamin A & Vitamin D. It also contains EPA & DHA (OMEGA-3 FATTY ACIDS).

From among the cod liver oil capsules brands, Seven Seas from Merck and Seacod from Sanofi are the most widely known and used.

Merck uses the patented Ocean Gold Technology to extract the purest from of cod liver oil and retain all the nutritional value.

Bottle contains 500 capsules

Each Sev Seas cod liver oil capsule contains Cod liver oil (Type B) B.P. 300mg.

B.P. is an abbreviation for British Pharmacopeia, a measurement standard.

I.P. is an abbreviation for International Pharmacopeia.

Seven seas cod liver oil should be stored in a cool and dry place, away from moisture and direct sunlight. This will enable the nutritional contents are well protected.

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