Venkys Nutrition Creatine

Venkys Nutrition Creatine

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venkys Creatine

enky's Creatine provides Creatine Monohydrate of "A" grade quality and purity.

Introduction of Creatine is a significant development in sports nutrition allows athletes to benefit from being able to train without fatigue at an intensity higher than that to which they are normally accustomed.

The Creatine phosphate system is the most important fuel source for high-intensity exercise lasting up to 10 seconds. Ex repeated sprints or bouts of high intensity exercise, separated by short recovery intervals.

A reduced prevalence of muscle cramps and tears and enhanced thermoregulation during prolonged exercise in the heat is seen in creatine users.

Creatine supplements have become increasingly popular due to rapid gains in muscle size and strength.

Situations for Use in Sports:

A bodybuilder or regular gym user undertaking resistance training to increase lean body mass.

Interval and sprint training sessions with brief recovery intervals.

Sports with intermittent work patterns (e.g. soccer, basketball, football)

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