Zerolac Milk Powder 400 gm

Zerolac Milk Powder 400 gm

Size: 400.00 gm

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Zerolac is a spray dried powder, which is sucrose free and lactose free milk substitue for babies.

Zerolac baby nutrient powder contains a special infant milk substiute consisting soya protein isolate and maltodextrin.

Cow or buffalo milk contains Lactose. If there is lactose intolerance in infants, Doctors prescribe soy milk. Soy milk benefits all infants who have Lactose intolerance, usually expressed in vomiting of food.

Use Zerolac baby milk powder (does not contain any lactose, commonly found in cow or buffalow milk) during lactose intolerance.

Mothers milk is the best for babies.

For Feeding infants in,

  • Primary lactose intolerance.
  • Secondary lactose intolerance following acute & chronic diarrhoea.

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