Zerolac Milk Powder 200 gm

Zerolac Milk Powder 200 gm

Size: 200.00 gm

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Zerolac powder is a susbstitue for milk for babies with Lactose intolerance.

This is a special milk substitute for infants containing Sopa Protein Isolate  and Maltodedextrin.

Infant milk substitute should only be used under the guidance of a Doctor.

Zerloac is used in following conditions:

  • Primary Lactose intolerance
  • Secondary Lactose intolerance following acute and chronic diarrhoea.
  • Allergy to cow / buffallo milk

Note: Mothers Milk is Best for Your Baby.

Zerolac powder contains primarily Soya Protein.

Once the Zerolac feed is prepared, use it within half an hour; otherwise deterioration will set in because of microbial action.

Use freshly prepared Zerolac feed every time and discard any left over feed after feeding the baby.

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