Venkys Albumen RRT Powder 200gm

Venkys Albumen RRT Powder 200gm

Size: 200.00 gm

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Venkys Albumen RRT Powder .

Albumen RRT Powder is an excellent nutritional supplement, especially used by recovering patients. It is nutritionally balanced and has Gluten free formulation with egg albumen.

Albumen RRT powder provides 70% egg albumen for faster regeneration of body protein to prevent hypoalbuminemia. Glutamine & Arginine act as immunoboosters to prevent secondary infections.

Free from Phosphorous and Electrolyte. Does not contribute to hypernatremia, hyperkalemia.

Better patient compliance during nausea, vomiting & anorexia with natural preservative free elaichi.

Preservative free natural elaichi flavoured Albumen RRT powder available in 200 Gms tin.

Albumen RRT powder is a special dietary food for people with compromised kidney function.

Use it as per Doctor's advise.

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