Protinex Vanila Nutritional Supplement 400 gm

Protinex Vanila Nutritional Supplement 400 gm

Size: 400.00 gm

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Protinex Vanila Nutritional Supplement.

Protinex is a high protein supplement that supplies essential Amino Acids and is fortified with Vitamins & Minerals.

Protinex becomes a wholesome nutritional beverage for adults. However, even children can use it, since it supports their healthy growth.

Protinex has a high protein content, but at the same time has a low fat content too, thus making it an ideal intake for nutritional supplements.

Protinex Vanila Nutritional Supplement Contains Net Weight of 400 gm.

  • In a mug full (200ml) of lukewarm water or cold milk add 2-3 teaspoons of Protinex
  • Add sugar to taste. You can drink as it is without sugar, if you are fine with it.
  • Stir well and drink.

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