Menopro Mango Flavour Powder 200gm

Menopro Mango Flavour Powder 200gm

Size: 200.00 gm

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Menopro Sugar Free Powder 200 gm.

Menopro is a nutritional supplement which is a potent combination of Soy Protein isolate, Soy iso flavones, Calcium, Vitamin D and 30 essential Vitamins and Minerals for the safe and effective management of menopause. The combination of Soy Protein isolate and Soy isoflavones ensures freedom from menopausal symptoms.

  • Menopausal symptoms like hot flashes, mood swings, depression, etc.
  • Post menopausal osteopenia / osteoporosis
  • Hypercholesterolemia in menopausal women
  • Manufactured by:British Biologicals
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Menopro Sugar Free Powder Contains Net Weight of 200gm.

Ingredients: Non-fat milk solids.

Soy protein isolate.





Add.30 g(2 scoops) of menopro to a glass of 100 ml milk (warm or cold) and stir well till completely dissolved.

Once Daily.

Safe for Diabetics

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