Mamas Best Chocolate 400gm

Mamas Best Chocolate 400gm

Size: 400.00 gm

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A healthy , balanced diet that contains adequate amounts of nutrients is essential for the development of your baby. During pregnancy & after delivery , your own body goes through many physiological changes, including a need for increased nutrients and energy.

Mama's Best helps support the nutritional needs during pregnancy & helps restore the nutritional status after child bearing.
Mama's Best provides important nutrients that breastfeeding mothers need.
Mama's Best helps provide the extra nutrition & energy to help you care for your new born.

Specially formulated to support the nutritional needs of Indian women during pregnancy and breastfeeding - Mama's Best:
Brain Development-
Folic Acid: To support foetal brain & spinal growth & to help minimize the risk of neural tube defects.
Choline & Iodine: To help support foetal brain development.
Contains DHA.
Protein: Critical for the building of foetal tissues.
Calcium & Vitamin D: Support the formation of strong bones & teeth
Antioxidant Vitamins C & E: To help support the immune system.
Healthy Digestion-
FOS: A source of fiber. Fiber supports a healthy digestive system.

Directions and preparation for use:-
Wash hands thoroughly before preparation. To prepare 1 serving, add 3 level scoops of Mama's Best into 200ml of warm previously boiled whole milk and stir well before drinking.To be consumed immediately after preparation. When mixed as directed, a 500gm jar of powder yeilds approximately thirteen 200ml servings.

Alternate mixing directions: Product can be prepared by mixing powder with drinking water. See product for nutrition information per 100 prams powder.

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