Maacare Mango Powder 200 gm

Maacare Mango Powder 200 gm

Size: 200.00 gm

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Maa Care Mango Flavour 200 gm

You are the chosen one to bear an angel,to hear a baby

To nurture your child…CQQLway

For Fetal development, desirable weight gain, nutritional demand of lactation

Presenting Maa Care – nourish the nursing mother. Since every baby is bone once. Since there is increased protein requirement during lactation Maa care – CQQL way for health.

When angel baby needs. care, nourishment, breast milk….diet different than pregnancy….where every calorie counts.

Maa Care as it provides EAAs for PPR (Post partum Recovery)

Shatavari in Maa Care act as a galactogogue, modulate the process of lacto genesis Zinc. Maa Care ensures proper development of Immune system of the fetus

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