Balaji Tambes Chyavanprash 500 gm

Balaji Tambes Chyavanprash 500 gm

Size: 500.00 gm

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Balaji Tambe Chyavanprash 500g.

Balaji Tambe Chyavanprash with a special formula made as per Ayurvedic traditional recipe for kayakalpa Ayurveda say's that the regular intake of Chyavanpras  helps to improve vitality and memory and gives a long life span.

Balaji Tambe Chyavanprash good for rejuvenation of the spine blood purification asthma and cough.

Tambe Chyavanprash has a rich source of vitamin C and hence recommended rasayan for the whole family. Therapy Centre.

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Balaji Tambe Chyavanprash Contains Net Weight of 500gm.

Special Rasayan For Health & Wellbeing.

1-2 Tsp.1-2 times a day preferably on empty stomach

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