Yuvan Anti - Ageing Tea

Yuvan Anti - Ageing Tea

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Yuvan Anti - Ageing Tea.

Yuvan Anti - Ageing Tea a perfect blend of kangra tea with east indian globe thistle fruit, sorrel flower and drumstick, which helps protect against various degenerative conditions of the body and is popular anti-ageing agent due to its rich polyphenolic content, it also has a unique aroma and flavour.

East indian globe thistle has high anti-oxidant property while drumstick is popular for restorative conditions within the body. sorrel calyx is also popular for anti-oxidant and detoxification properties.

For Your Perfect Cup Of Yuvan Tea

Pour boiled wate into a cup.

Add Yuvan Longlife Tea leaves and allow it to brew for 3 minutes.

Best had without milk & sugar.

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