Unived Activitea

Unived Activitea

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Unived Vitalitea.

Unived Activitea features standardized natural extracts of Brahmi, Shankapushpi, and Gotu kola, blended with Assam and Nilgiri tea; Manufactured under strict quality and safety conditions at a facility registered with the US FDA; Zero side-effects; Each box contains 30 double chambered tea bags; Registered by the Vegan Society - UK.

Improves memory, enhances brain functionality, increases concentration, sharpens the mind, enhances cognition, and boosts intellect.

Unived Activitea contains Brahmi, Shankapushpi, Gotu kola, and Nilgiri and Assam tea.

Adults take 1 tea bag twice a day.

If you are pregnant or breast feeding, consult your physician before taking this product. Keep out of reach of children. Store in a cool dry place.

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