Glucon-D Orange 450+50 gm Free

Glucon-D Orange 450+50 gm Free

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In summer when the sun drains out energy or when hectic lifestyle leaves you tired, your family needs the "Faster Energy" of Glucon-D.

Glucon-D Tangy Orange flavour has Glucose that is the fastest energy source for the body and is the only energy source for the brain.

Vitamin C in found in Glucon-D that helps in Iron absorption and develops body resistance.

Glucon-D Tangy Orange flavour has Phosporous that is essential for energy production & storage and Calcium that provides strength to the bones and body.

What are the Vitamins in Glucon-D ?
Glucose (52%), Sucrose, Acidity Regulator (E330), Added Flavour (natural flavouring substances), MInerals (Calcium, Phospate), Common edible salt and Vitamin C.

Usage: Add 3 teaspoonfuls (approx 30gm) of Glucon-D to one glass of water, stir and consume.

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