Diet & Nutrition

Human beings need all essential nutrients in the right proportions to lead a healthy life. Hence the foods that are consumed have to be well balanced and should have a mix of different types of cereals, millets, green leafy vegetables, vegetables, fruits, roots and tubers, etc. Some amount of animal food in the form of milk and milk products, eggs, and meat is also good for the human health.

In the present day situation it is difficult to get all essential nutrients for the body from natural sources. Hence dietary supplements will help people. Choose the dietary supplements after proper diligence and assessing your needs.

Diet charts

For your recommended daily allowances use the diet charts from National Institute of Nutrition. More details can be found at:

Recommended Daily Allowances

In this section find nutrition and protein supplements for people of all ages - kids, mothers, adults and seniors. Albumen powder and other related products provide a good source of dietary supplements for ailing people.

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