Vissco Gynaec Universal Binder - Large

Vissco Gynaec Universal Binder - Large

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Recommended as a post operatve support.

Vissco Gynaec Universal Binder - A comfortable binder to support the abdomen. The support provided lifts and carries the extended abdomen, relieving strain on the muscles and diaphragm. The binder helps restore the displaced internal organs to their proper position without squeezing and cramping. The support is applied in an upward and inward direction and not like a corset type tubular binding.

The binder is made from cotton based fabrics and elasticared pressure is added on the rear and on the sides. The binder is designed to fit the entire abdomen and will not restrict the movement when worn.

This binder is recommended in case of pregnancy, post operative support and in other cases of abdominal surgery.

The binder is well padded for a comfortable fit.

Available in large and medium sizes.

Large size is for a Navel circumference of 90 to 95 cms.

Medium size is for a Navel circumference of 80 to 85 cms.

For proper fitting and correct size kindly measure the abdomen on the navel area 2" above and 2" below and average the size.

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