Pampers Active Baby Diapers-M-20

Pampers Active Baby Diapers-M-20

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Pampers Active Baby - Amazing dryness even under pressure
While your baby is learning to stand, he falls and topples more than he actually stands. All this pressure on the diaper could put his skin in contact with wetness which can cause interruptions and take away all the fun! Now, Pampers Active Baby has an Extra Dry Layer that prevents urine from coming back to the top sheet. This allows Pampers Active Baby to keep your baby dry, even under pressure, so he can play uninterruptedly.


  • Magic core - Great absorbency for dryness and helps prevent leakage
  • Soft cotton like outer cover - Soft touch with great breathability to help prevent skin irritation
  • Balloon stretch tape - Expands and contracts for comfortable fit around the waist to help your baby move freely
  • Hypoallergenic lotion with Aloe Vera extract - Helps gently protect baby's skin and reduces diaper rash


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