Siddhayu Pain Quit Tablets 10x3

Siddhayu Pain Quit Tablets 10x3

Size: 30.00 Tablets

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Pain Quit Tablet.

Pain Quit Tablets contains herbal extracts in instead of raw herbs which ensures maximization of the therapeutically active fraction of the herb for best results.

Assured delivery of the precise quantity of actives in the product ensures consistency and assured efficacy of the product.

Unlike the modern painkillers, PainQuit tablet formulation is aim at alleviating the root cause and not merely raising the pain threshold.

Most important benefit of Ayurvedic formulation like PainQuit Tablet is that it does not produce any side effect like non steroidal anti-inflammatory Drugs. Ayurved Research Foundation

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  • 100% Herbal 
  • For Joint and Muscular Pains
  • Clinical Efficacy Validated by Baidyanath 

2 Tablets twice a day with water after meals or as advised by physician.

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