Nisha Herbal Artho-N Tab 60s

Nisha Herbal Artho-N Tab 60s

Size: 60.00 Tablet

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Artho-N arthritis.

An Ayurvedic Treatment for Pain.

Artho-N arthritis pain tablets contain uniquely formulated combinations of herbal extracts that work together to promote the body's own natural potential for healing and recovering. The ingredients have been shown to be stable and safer than chemical pain killers. Artho-N does not contain any metallic ingredient.

Indications / usage in case of following issues:

Mid to moderate pain in areas like Joint pain, Stiffness, achness in joints, etc.

Artho-N arthritis Contains 60 No's.

Each tablet contains following:

Nirgudipatra - 200mg

Ashwagandha -100mg

Bijak - 20mg

Shallaki powder - 120mg

Guduchi - 20mg

Rasna - 20mg

Guggul suddha - 20mg

Nagarmotha - 20mg

Methi powder - 50mg

Chopchini powder - 60mg

Bhrungraj - 20mg

Excipients - q.s

One tablet of Artho-N twice a day after meals for adults.

Consult an Ayurvedic practitioner for better results and precaution.

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