Baidyanath Mahanarayan Tel 100 ml

Baidyanath Mahanarayan Tel 100 ml

Size: 100.00 ml
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Baidyanath Mahanarayan

Baidyanath Mahanarayan is an ayurvedic treatment especially for knee and all joint pains.

Tel Keshar Yukta helps to relieve joint pain in knee, backache, pain in the ribs, groin and calf injuries etc.

Mahanarayan Tel Keshar Yukta helps to strengthen muscles and bones.

Baidyanath Mahanarayan Tel Keshar Yukta is a herbal knee joint pain remedy. Ayurvedic Reasearch Foundation Pvt.Ltd.

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Baidyanath Mahanarayan Tel Contains Quantity of 100 ml.

Baidyanath Mahanarayan Ingredients:

Bel, Ashwagandha, Kateri Gokhru, Sonapatha, Jatamansi, Haldi, Daruhaldi, Khareti Panchang, Chhoti Kateri, Purnarnava Mool, Ami-mool, Prasarini, Patala, Shatavari, Rasna, Saunf, Devdaru, Shalparni, Mugadaparni, Agar, Keshar, safed chandan, Yasgtimadhu, Nagkeshar Kust, Tail Oil etc.


Massage gently on the affected part or as advised by the physician.

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