Kailas Jeevan 120 gm

Kailas Jeevan 120 gm

Size: 120.00 gm

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Kailas Jeevan.

Kailas Jeevan is an Ayurvedic proprietary cream manufactured by a Pune-based herbal company Ayurved Sumshodhanalaya.

Kailash Jeevan is a multi-purpose cream, which can be used both internally as well as externally. 

Kailas Jeevan Uses:

Kailas Jeevan is effective for Piles, fissures, disorders of bowels, burning sensation of urine & other body parts,unsound sleep, etc.

A product by Ayurved Sanshodhanalaya (Pune)

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Kailas Jeevan Contains Net Weight of 120gm. Each 10gm of Kailas Jeevan consists:

Coconut oil 2.8gm

Pandhari Ral resin - 370mg

Chandan Taila - 10mg

Bhimseni Kapoor - 14.5mg

Shankjire powder - 90mg

Kadunimb (neem) -90mg

Gokharu kadha - 90mg

Doorva panchang kadha - 90mg

Pahadmool kadha - 90mg

Sudhajal q.s

Kailas Jeevan is both for internal and external usage.

Take this in 5 to 10gm or half to one tea spoonful according to age.

Though Kailas Jeevan is safe to use, do consult an Ayurvedic physician before taking any medicine.

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