Ayurvel Ayurvedic Laxative  Powder 60 gms

Ayurvel Ayurvedic Laxative Powder 60 gms

Size: 60.00 gms

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Ayurvel Ayurvedic

Ayurvel Ayurvedic is an excellent ayurvedic remedy for digestion, gas, acidity and other gastric problems. It is also one of the best laxative for constipation.

Ayurvel Ayurvedic does not contain any artificial ingredients and has no side-effects. It has no age restriction and thus is suitable for any age group.

Ayurvel Ayurvedic is an ideal product for pregnant women, people suffering form piles, people suffering

from cardiac patients.

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Ayurvel Ayurvedic Powder Contains Net Weight of 60 gm.

Composition : Sonamukhi 34%, Saunf21%, Harde17%, kalimiri Extract 2%, Saindhav 3%, Sanchal 4%, Sonageru 7%, Sajjikhar 3%, Amla 9%

Laxative powder for constipation

One spoon i.e.4 gm or less asneeded depending on individual sensitivity. Take once a day,ideally at bedtime. For children above 6 years:Half spoon or as needed.

Ayurvel being a 100% natural product, in case suggested dose (1 spoon adult,1/2 spoon child), gives strong action, you can gradually reduce & set the dose to your satisfaction.

1) Take directly

2) Drink a glass of water

3) Do not mix with water

It is always advisable to take a doctor's advice before taking any medicine for constipation.

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