Sri Sri Ayurveda Phalasarpi 100 gm

Sri Sri Ayurveda Phalasarpi 100 gm

Size: 100.00 mg

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An ayurvedic preparation for the infertility of both men and women. This is also indicated for vaginal and semen disorders. This is one of the best prescriptions for garbhasaya rogas or utrine disorders. This is also recommended in the first trimester of pregnancy. Most of the ingredrients are considered to be rejuvenating tonics mainly acting on the Reproductive System.

It contains :

Manjishtha, Haritaki, Vibhitaki, Vacha, Amlaki, Haridra, Daruharidra, Dipyaka/Ajamoda, Hingu (Bhrista, Ashwagandha, Shatavari, Kushtha, Tagara, Meda, Yashtimadhu, Kakoli, Katurohini, Payasya, Ghrita, Godugdha, Sharkara.

12 grams with warm water or as prescribed by the physician.

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