Amrita Bindu 120 ml

Amrita Bindu 120 ml

Size: 120.00 ml

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Amrita Bindu Syrup.

This medicine contains active principles like brucine, strychnine which helps in healing the ulcers and destroying the bacteria involved in the formation of these ulcers.

Navasaara is an excellent antacid available naturally, which helps to cure the symptoms due to acidity like chest burn, sour eructation, belching etc. An alkaloid called somniferon found in ashwagandha along with other medicines like karkatasrungi decreases the irritability of the nerves and prevent over secretion of the glands.

Amrita Bindu is a purely ayurvedic medicine which has no side effects and can be taken for prolonged periods.

Drugs like pippali, sunthi(chukku), ela, etc are well known carminatives. This medicine also has some antiseptic action due to the presence of drugs like kadaladi .

Manufactured & Paked by:Shankar Pharmacy.

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Indication : Hyper Acidity,Stomach Achne,Gas Trouble,Indigestion,Vomiting,Acid Peptic Diseases etc

Amrita Bindu Syrup Contains Quantity of 120ml.

2 ml.with 30 ml.of boiled cooled water or as directed by the physician.

Shake well before use.

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