Glucerna SR 400gm

Glucerna SR 400gm

Size: 400.00 gm

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Glucerna SR is the apt product for people with diabetes. It contains balanced caloric distribution power packed with vital nutrients. Its flavor variants are great in taste and can be regularly taken as a supplementary drink or even as a replacement for meal. Its unique slow release carbohydrate blend has a low glycemic index specifically made for slow absorption by the body which can provide sustained release of energy. It is also efficient in normalizing blood sugar levels and is also said to improve Cardiovascular Health.

Its advisable to start your day with Glucerna SR as it is clinically proven to help control blood sugar all through the day. It is also said that blood sugar can go down to dangerous levels during night time hence it is also advisable to drink a glass of Glucerna SR before bedtime. The products clinically proved to reduce hypoglycemic attacks by 72%.

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