Garlic Pearls 100 Pearls

Garlic Pearls 100 Pearls

Size: 100.00 Cap

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 Garlic Pearls

Garlic is known for its great health benefits for reducing Cholesterol and for improving digestion.

 brings to you garlic oil in the form of Garlic Pearls soft gel capsules.

Garlic Pearls relieves Gas, improves Digestion, manages Cholesterol, and improves Overall Health.

Garlic Perls helps maintain cholesterol& triglyceride levels,high levels of which may otherwise interfere in the blood supply to heart.

Due to its carminative action it heapls in expelling gas from gut.garlic pearls increases gastric juice secretion which healps in proper digestion.

Regular use of garlic Pearls boosts immunity & improves Overall Health naturally.Garlic Pearls also has Anti-Oxidant properties.

Each Soft Gelatin Capsule of  Garlic Pearls contains:
Garlic Oil - 0.5% w/w
Excipients q.s to - 250mg.

Garlic Pearls are easy to swallow,and are easy to carry while travelling

Use 2  Garlic Pearls 3 times a day after meal with a glass of water. The benesicial active constituents of Garlic Pearls give best result when taken at regular intervals daily.

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