D Diabetes Smart Powder 100 gm

D Diabetes Smart Powder 100 gm

Size: 100.00 gm

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D-Diabetes Smart Powder 100 gm.

D-diabetes S.M.A.R.T powder is an authentic ayurvedic supplementary for managing sugar level in your blood. Regular use of it combined with your daily medicines, routine exercises, long brisk walks, prescribed dietary check could help you keep major disabilites and health complications associated with diabetes at a distance.

Mfg.by: Shree Maruti Herbal

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It is an ideal composition of ayurvedic herbs and roots like karela (bitter gaud), momjava, vijay kshar, indrajav, gurmar, chitrakam, jamun (black berry), and many other herbs which are known from ancient time to possess properties that promote fairly efficient glucose utilization and influence hormonal secretion.

D Diabetes 100gm.


One table-spoon in the morning on an empty stomach with water and one table-spoon before the evening meal with water regularly for fifteen days to begin with. Thereafter take with water just one table-spoon daily in the morning.

It is always prudent to take your physician's advice. However D-diabetes S.M.A.R.T powder is safe and not known to interfere with insulin or other treatment.

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