Baidyanath Cardiactiv 200 ml

Baidyanath Cardiactiv 200 ml

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Baidyanath Cardiactiv (CARDIAC TONIC)

Cardiactive is an excellent remedy for heart attack.

Cardiac tonic beneficial for smokers, obese persons and cardiac problems.

Baidyanath Cardiactiv formula is rejuvenating combination of herbs known to promote proper function of the heart.

  • Provides good nutrition to heart.
  • Tones up the function of the heart.
  • Helps to promote healthy cholesterol and triglycerides levels and Supports proper function of circulatory system.
  • Relieves anxiety, excessive sweating, increased palpitation, obstruction of blood vessels etc.
  • Beneficial for everyone, especially for those who lead a stressful lifestyle or have a family history of coronary heart diseases.
  • Ayurvedic Research Foundation Pvt.Ltd.

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Arjun Chhal, Shatavari, Balapanchang, Vidarikand, Munnukka, Vayvindang, Dhaiphool, Tejpatta, Dhaniya, Jira Safed, Nagarmotha, Kamalphool, Semal musali, Gokharu, Punarnava, Choti Elaichi, Nagkeshar, Harad.

2 teaspoonful twice a day with equal quantity water after meal.

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