The ideal way of life would be - Wake up to the rising sun. Practice Yoga while you milk the cows, get your daily Vitamin D3 and a sun tan while you plough the field, maintain your ideal weight as you chase the chickens, and unwind from the day as you sip on matured wine.

Today it’s more like exercise your fingers on the smartphone, tax your brain at work, come home to eat [become] a potato, and snore.

Modern living has made it so hard to maintain good health – that’s why we’ve started Unived-™. An initiative to infuse health into your daily habits and to bring back natural healing. We’re young, innovative, and forward thinking. We believe that nature has the power to heal and that’s what we offer. Our products are completely natural, new-age, and extremely effective. They’re inspired by the rich culture in India, by events in our lives, and by Mother Nature herself.

We believe in quality and transparency. Each Unived-™ product is of the highest quality and has been prepared with the utmost care and detail. Our products are 100 percent herbal, natural, vegetarian, and vegan. We offer the highest level of research available on all our ingredients and products for consumer education through our website and through printed material. We will continually publish research and clinical-trial evidence on all our ingredients and products. We have a strong product development and R&D team that will continually produce new product concepts that are in line with modern living. We are committed to consistently offering innovative product solutions of the highest quality. Humanity, humility, and honesty are embedded in our value system.

The culture at Unived-™ advocates environmental responsibility, integrity with our business partners & consumers, and being humble with our World. We are firmly committed to each of these. It’s taken us countless hours of research & trials to setup Unived-™. We’ve had to overcome many obstacles to implement strict quality control throughout our product path. We’ve gone through sleepless nights chasing purity, and endless days perfecting our products. It’s been worth it. We’re delighted to offer you our first set of natural products. They address various health concerns faced by people of all ages, focusing on areas such as sexual weakness, poor memory, digestion & detoxification, cholesterol, brain development, and alcohol related hangovers; amongst others.